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Board for Education

boards 2Student Clubs Association of Slovenia (Zveza ŠKIS) has a Board for Education and a pool of trainers that was established in 2012. Its main purpose is having internal pool of trainers who deliver trainings and educate activists from all local Student Clubs in Slovenia.

The Board for Education has been developing its own educational system since its establishment. Sustainable development, support, help and education of Student Clubs have been our primary issues as our foremost important and challenging task was to change educational system at Zveza ŠKIS, making it relevant, interesting and appealing for participant.

Non-formal education is a great part of our organizational vision and mission and the quality assurance of our service is highly valued and prioritized. With high quality training system we aspire to highly beneficial learning that participants can take a full advantage of. Just in 2014 we have organized more than 160 hours of different trainings and workshops for students aged 15 to 30; we intend to increase this number. Training topics are related to work in local student organizations in order to help them develop competences needed for successful management and leadership promoting development of local communities together with developing personal competences, and key competences helping participants’ future employability.