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Študentski klub mladih Šentjur

  • Address: Cesta Miloša Zidanška 28, 3230 Šentjur
  • Phone: 03 746 41 00
  • Mobile phone: 031 404 146
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Administrative Unit Šentjur – 1143 students

Municipalities: Šentjur in Dobje

Students, high school students and all young at heart in the Administrative Unit Šentjur have for more than 15 years connected with each other and have shaped the youth policies and activities. “Študentski klub mladih Šentjur” (ŠKMŠ) has since 1996 connected all interested youth and is now responsible for extracurricular and free time activities in the Šentjur area.

Since its establishment the ŠKMŠ connected many generations, experienced ups and downs and in the spirit of all the changes still maintained an awareness of what it means to represent the organization that is worthwhile of the youth. The doors of the club are wide open for all. We always have time for needs and ideas of our members. The club tries to enrich the student happening in our city. Because of that the club is considered as one of the most active student clubs in Slovenia. It operates in several areas, mostly in the field of sports and culture, but we also devote our activities to education, humanitarian activities, member benefits etc. The club wants to create a varied program of activities and projects, which would satisfy different tastes and attract as many visitors as possible.

The trademarks of the ŠKMŠ are its annual projects, which we organize independently or in cooperation with other clubs or organizations. One of the most important projects are “Šentrock”, Freshman Party, “Športne igre”, “Bazenjenje”, mini concerts, theme nights (Russian night, Spanish night…), educational workshops and travel lectures. The first four projects are also the largest and most complex, but also the most visited. “Šentrock” and a Freshaman Party are projects with the concert character which every year attract around 1500 visitors from all over the Šentjurje area. “Športne igre” and “Bazenjenje” are traditional fun events with a focus on sports and entertainment program. During the year, we also provide regular free sports activities for our members – in the winter with football and volleyball and in the summer with beach volleyball. Every year we try to use new concepts and ideas to liven up the club program and to carry out interesting projects that would attract new potential members of students and high school students.