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Klub študentska organizacija Hrastnik

  • Address: Naselje Aleša Kaple 9a, 1430 Hrastnik
  • Mobile phone: 070 206 375
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Administrative Unit Hrastnik – 427 students
Municipality: Hrastnik
“Klub študentska organizacija Hrastnik” is the smallest student club with the ŠOLS status in Slovenia. The club brings together young people with ideas and a desire for an active participation and creation of activities in their birthplace. An important part of the club is also socializing of its members and openness to new ideas.
Štuor Festival has become a traditional project which has overgrown the boundaries of the student club. The festival is a four-day event with a very varied program for people of all ages. It offers children’s workshops, lectures, travel lectures, charity events, entertainment, sports and of course music. The official website of the project: www.stuor.si   
New Year’s concert has become a tradition in the club. Each year it attracts over 1000 visitors. Other major projects include “Martinovanje”, skiing, recreation and courses.