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Študentsko-mladinski klub Klinka

  • Address: Trg svobode 16B, 9250 Gornja Radgona
  • Mobile phone: 051 258 859
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Administrative unit Gornja Radgona – 888 students

Municipalities: Gornja Radgona, Apače, Radenci, Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici

In “Športno-mladinski klub Klinka” they are aware of what it means to represent the youth, so they want to offer their members diverse activities, while also taking care of their needs.    They do not want to compete with or duplicate events and projects that are already happening. Their goal is to offer activities that are not yet organized and thus try to affect the young minds that have yet to find their place in the existing organizations and associations. They want to affect those who want additional activities. The goal and desire of the club is to change the thinking of society, especially of the young generation. They want to show them that they can be active and can drive change.

The foundation of their mindset is the cooperation and connection with the other organizations, working with the youth in municipalities, regions and Slovenia and its European partners. They try to think outside the box and be different. Their goal is to emphasize the importance of voluntary work, participation and spending free time with something useful, relevant and above all entertaing.

“Fašenk” was successfully organized for the fourth consecutive year and, because of its positive energy and great attendance among students and other young people from Pomurje, it quickly grew into one of the representative projects of ŠMK Klinka. It is a one day event that encourages the preservation of customs. The event is not only about a carnival, but also about high quality rock concerts, which are held nearby.

“Športaj j Klink” is a one-day event sporting event, which wishes to encourage youth to actively spend their free time. We also want to present them a variety of sports activities, which were not until now available in their environment. At the same time they want to emphasize the importance of mutual cooperation and socialization. This year the sporting event will end with an evening party.

Besides sports and entertainment events the club also works in the field of education. One important project is a project called “Pomoč osnovnošolcem”, where older members voluntarily provide assistance to scholars from Gornja Radgona elementary school. They help them in four subjects. These subjects are Slovenian language, mathematics, German and English which are in some way essential subjects in the elementary school. With their voluntary help they contribute to the education of young scholars.