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Študentski klub Slovenskih goric

  • Address: Trg osvoboditve 9, 2230 Lenart
  • Mobile phone: 041 296 574
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Administrative Unit Lenart - 815 students

Municipalities: Lenart, Cerkvenjak, Benedikt, Sveta Ana, Sveta Trojica in Sveti Jurij v Slovenskih goricah

The club was founded in May 2003. Its main objective has since been, providing its members to spend some quality time. They try to accomplish their goal by preparing a variety of activities and events. In ŠKSG they trying to work and cooperate in many areas so they could embrace the widest possible set of students from their area. Their work is focused on the field of sports, culture, entertainment and social and student issues.

Ever since the establishment of the club they organize at the end of the summer Sports ŠKSG weekend. At the event are held many tournaments in different sports disciplines - volleyball, tennis, soccer, street basketball, sprint ... Every year we try and add something new e.g. football in soapy water, paintball, etc.. On the sports weekend we also invite other clubs and organizations from the area.

ŠKSG prepares for its members each year a three-day skiing in Kranjska Gora. ŠKSG members always seize this opportunity to socialize with each other and enjoy the snow. ŠKSG skiing in Kranjska Gora is right after the winter semester, so that the members gather new strength for the summer semester .Since 2005 they also organize ŠKSG recreational running. It takes place in Cerkvenjak during the municipal holiday.

The club each year goes on a multi-day trip outside of Slovenia. Until now it has been a constant, to visit the capitals of neighboring or more distant small countries. In 2011, the full bus headed to the famous Amsterdam. Due to its culture, cuisine, nightlife this city has not left anyone indifferent. In the last few years ŠKSG visited Krakow, Prague, Sarajevo, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade, Rome, Vienna and Graz.

In addition to all the bigger projects ŠKSG also organizes travel lectures, hikes, lectures on higher education, language courses, cinema, bowling, paintball, recreation, rafting, humanitarian projects and various discounts on tickets.