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Škis' fair (Škisova tržnica)

The largest one-day outdoor event for young people in Slovenia is certainly the famous "Škisova tržnica" (Škis' fair), which the ŠKIS Association organizes for more than 18 years. It takes place at the beginning of May in Ljubljana. The event brings together more than 20.000 young people who have the opportunity to learn about Slovenia, to hear all Slovenian dialects, try food from all places throughout Slovenia and have fun with the varied program and great music. "Škisova tržnica" is also a responsible eco-friendly event. All the waste is separated and processed on the spot.

The program itself is divided in two parts, the afternoon and the evening part. In the afternoon student club presentations are held where richly decorated stalls of student clubs offer local cuisine and provide a real exhibition of the entire Slovenian culture. Throughout the afternoon many music bands and dance groups perform on the main stage. There are also many ongoing fun games and competitions between student clubs. In the evening the student stalls are cleared away to make place for the concerts. There are two concert areas, the main concert stage and the electronic stage. Every year we host the established names of Slovenian music scene, but we also give the opportunity to young promising bands to present themselves to a bigger home crowd.

Event website: www.skisova-trznica.si