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Klub logaških študentov

  • Address: Tržaška 27, 1370 Logatec
  • Mobile phone: 031 322 442
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Administrative Unit Logatec – 687 students

Municipality: Logatec

“Klub logaških študentov” was established in 1995, so for over 53 years now it ensures that the Logatec has much going on, especially for young people. KLŠ organizes each year in May a concert with Freshman Party. Through the academic year, we take care for sports, cultural and “party” activities. Their biggest project is a week-long festival called “Logaško poletje”. The purpose of the festival is to bring together diverse cultural, sports, educational and fun events in the municipality Logatec. The club also has its branch in the village Hotedršica. Youth from the club “Klub stara šola has an opportunity to operate in a small village where they can make their own youth projects.

“Logaško poletje” is a festival at the end of the summer. The main organizer is “Klub logaških študentov”. The festival is made up of sports, cultural, entertainment, social and children events as it lasts for 10 days. The purpose of the festival is to offer diverse events, which would attract a wide population of visitors.

May concerts in Logatec already have a long tradition because of the “Klub logaških študentov”.  The purpose of this event is to present the work of KLŠ to new students and welcome them in the KLŠ. In addition, they want to offer the opportunity to young bands to present themselves. The highlight of the evening is a concert of a known Slovenian rock band.

Other bigger projects are: one-day ski trip, “Funkygator”, “Uvodni žur”, theater shows, bowling, LAN party, “zimovanje” in Kranjska gora, New Year’s trip abroad, aerobics, recreation for men etc.