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Who we are

The ŠOLS Council (the Council of Student Organisations of Local Communities) represents the interests of student organisations of local communities, as stated in the Student Constitution. Each student organisation of a local community has its councillor in the ŠOLS Council. As an umbrella organisation, the ŠKIS Association unites more than 50% of student communities.

There are 51 regular members or clubs with the status of ŠOLS and 5 associated members in the ŠKIS family. The highest body or the ŠKIS Association is the Council of the ŠKIS Association, composed of the councillors of the Association’s regular members (members with the status of ŠOLS). The Council of the ŠKIS Association represents the interests of the members of the Association and the student organisations of local communities.

The structure of the ŠKIS Association

The ŠKIS Association is divided into a political and an operational part. The political part, which deals with the youth policy of social services, culture, sport, higher education, internal and external relationships, as well as the education of activists, comprises the following four bodies of the Association:

- the Council of the ŠKIS Association,

- the Committee of the ŠKIS Association,

- the Supervisory Commission and

- the Security Council.

The body, engaged in informing, supporting and helping the other bodies and members of the Association, as well as carrying out its individual projects, is called the Administrative Board.


The following boards exist within the Committee:

- the Board for Social and Health Services,

- the Board for Education,

- the Board for Higher Education,

- the Board for Secondary Education

- the International Board, and

- the Group for legal assistance.